WeChat beta custom interface or App store platform



WeChat beta "custom interface or App store platform (TechWeb pictures)

[editor’s note] as a public communication tool, WeChat to expand its scope of application, to explore new business models, the WeChat custom interface function and a group of partners to test the public platform, the interface of CRM system can access any company, will play its commercial value, but also to a the development platform of an important step.

WeChat is working on a small scale and a number of partners to test the custom interface capabilities of the public platform, this interface can access any company’s CRM system. Businesses behind the public account will be able to provide users with more personalized services through this interface.

is currently on WeChat’s public account or push information and do customer service based, although there are custom replies, but the function is too weak. With this interface, the function of these public accounts can be realized with more imagination.

we know that there are a number of companies have been through this interface to achieve a more advanced features, such as "Hotel" account. When the user in WeChat in their current location (WeChat map information can be sent directly after) sent to hotel, hotel will reply to a message, tell what users can book hotel nearby, and provide the booking fee and telephone number (currently does not support direct pay).

second example is the white crow do "shopping", the user is sent to the "shopping account shoes" and other commodity information, to automatically reply three illustrated shoes information to the user, click directly into the shopping in the mobile version of the page.

safe auto insurance this account has not been announced only a few tests, but can allow users to directly through micro letter insurance. To Ping An insurance public number, directly take the vehicle scratching site, attach location information to complete the work of insurance, there is peace with subscriber information system docking, already know who you are.

for businesses, the need to have a person in front of the computer staring at the user submitted what needs or feedback, and then provide services based on these needs, or directly push the message to the user. But I think in addition to the media and star class account, the user to push the news of the business is not cold, users want to be able to allow businesses to provide personalized service. And now businesses use this interface, you can meet the user’s personalized needs. The first 3 are typical examples.

and if you want to go a little further, we can make such a judgment: to provide personalized services to the public account, in fact, is a Lite version of app.

if you want to solve these three needs: Hotel, view the nearby food, beautify the picture, then you need to install the 3 app. But in >

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