nterview community is bound to be the next round of investment hotspots

editor’s note: since the second half of 06, for the majority of China’s webmaster, is a year of special significance. China network community suddenly entered the calm period of industry, but in this difficult stage, many owners still left to explore some new unremittingly, suitable for their own application, try a variety of profit model and made some achievements. 07 years at the beginning of September, Comsenz (Comsenz) company initiated, jointly organized with iResearch consulting group of the third session of China Internet Community Development Award survey has been kicked off.

during the investigation, laggards owners refused to fish swimming, reading, in the website of mung bean rectangular trial network, Xu Le Strait fishing net master Li Ziwei, and out of town site long Zuo Yanqing, and Ai Rui network reporter to share valuable experience and unforgettable experience in the past year. The following is the laggards (www.im286.com) chief Dong Qinfeng (to the fish swimming) in an interview with reporters, said:

Dong Qinfeng

, the laggards

does not rely on the survival mode is not a bubble

from the MII to rectify SP, to regulate the community now, telling us more and more national attention on the internet. But also with the herd of 2 into the frozen period, has received 2 investment massive layoffs, tells us whether the Internet mode is existing many bubble? But apparently not necessarily. A model is not a bubble, fish personally think: do not rely on investment can also have their own survival model, is not a bubble. If you rely solely on investment to develop, it is most likely a bubble.

community has become a new focus of the Internet

is now not the primary stage of the Internet users, as long as it is only on the portal website news, Baidu search star. More, have a clear purpose and desire to communicate, such as: I come up is to see the stock, is to play cards, or is to find peer chat. Therefore, various types of communities, especially the professional category, local class, naturally has become the new focus of the internet!

seize the opportunity to solve three problems

but the opportunity is for the prepared. Although the next few years, the focus of various groups of communities will be more and more attention, and even favored by VC, but there are many problems to be solved:

bear the brunt of the problem is how to make a good fit between the community and e-commerce, resulting in no need to rely on external profit model. In this regard, the laggards have also begun some simple ideas, the current opening of the class recruitment, cash outsourcing tasks, web site / domain name transactions, etc..


is the deep excavation of community content. As one of the most popular behind the column, the day post in 1.2W or more, I believe that many communities will encounter: in this posting amount, valuable content is easy to sink >

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