Apple in the 5 giants A patent at least what to meet the artificial intelligence of the air

in the mobile Internet era, Apple seems to summon wind and call for rain, artificial intelligence tide slightly dull.

2016 known as the year of AI, the number of cases in the field of venture capital soared to 650. At the same time, giants such as Google is also expanding the space for the development of AI, a large amount of resources into the field of AI.

extracted a number of typical technology giants, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, apple, we look at these technology giants in the past few years, the number of patents.


can be seen from the chart, from 2009 after the first investment in the development of a large number of Microsoft AI patents, so far more than 200 patents to occupy the first position. Google spare no effort to catch up from 2011, currently has a total of more than 150 patents in second. Amazon and Facebook followed, apple a total of 15 patents ranked in the bottom of the first embarrassing.

apple in December has just released the first report of artificial intelligence, so that the industry’s understanding of Apple’s mysterious AI trends. This report describes a new machine learning technique, which is used to improve the training ability of the algorithm, that is, through the computer generated images rather than real images to train the algorithm’s ability to image recognition. Experts believe that the results are not groundbreaking, but it has released a good signal.

however, followed by apple on the continuous loss of two executives. The first is Daniel Gross, he left the position of apple machine learning director, as a partner to join the YC. In apple, Gross is responsible for the machine learning technology into iOS and MAC OS. He is committed to intelligent extraction of contact information from the communication, and seamlessly integrated into the address book and other applications.

is another Chris Lattner, he has been working in apple for 11 years since 2005, created the Swift, which is on the Apple platform to build the application programming language. He joined Tesla as vice president of Autopliot.


should not be too much interpretation, but the number of executives can also be seen to leave Apple’s development AI disappointed, not optimistic about its future.


of Apple’s revenue in the past year and profit targets both fall, led by Cook executives are subject to different degrees of wages. In the past few years, Apple has been criticized too much reliance on iPhone this product, but there are many indications that iPhone gold absorption capacity is declining. In the face of the roaring waves of AI, Apple also understand what should be done to maintain their dominant position.

although Chris Lattner joined Tesla, but apple did not give up the driverless car. Shortly thereafter, the United States on January 12th,

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