Wang Tong the life and death of the nternet browser Philosophy

saw several browser related news this morning:

1, AOL announced the death of 2, Netscape

, the first analysis of the birth and death of Netscape

is the first release of Netscape in December 15, 1994, when it accounted for the entire browser market. The most glorious time, it has a 90% share of the browser market, the market value of $8 billion. However, Microsoft quickly released IE browser, after three years, share more than Netscape IE browser. Netscape began to decline, until recently the death.

why Netscape decline? Why would perish?

A, Microsoft was scared

Microsoft launched

bundled windows IE is powerful, and Netscape against the strong Microsoft, had to be afraid of, and in the weak state, and then is the case. Even if one wins, but lost the momentum of Netscape, it put himself in a victim’s position, so that he will become victims.

anyone in Xinxiangshicheng, the key is you put your thoughts focus on what. If you focus your attention on what you don’t want, you will get what you don’t want.

B, the United States online engage in dead

After the acquisition of Netscape

America online, the more there is no team estimates Netscape and Microsoft fight mind. While the United States online so much of a stall, refused to spend great effort in Netscape body, so Netscape’s death is inevitable.

one hundred percent acquisition of a Internet Co is very dangerous, because once this is done, it is likely to happen:

1, the original person in charge of the work, the mentality of the passive from the initiative to cope with, may be in the heart of the Han camp in the han.

2, the original team may quickly disbanded, and then secretly led by the original leadership from the new polymerization to do a new project

is said that the merger, seventy percent are in failure, I think, the proportion of the Internet industry will be higher. Throughout these years, Internet Co mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad, are such an outcome.

two, re analysis of the success of Baidu and mobile browser

mobile browser uses IE as the kernel, but why it can be so successful it tells us a very real philosophy of the Internet: the user experience innovation is more important than the technical innovation!

Baidu is successful, Baidu’s success does not say that because of the success of Baidu technology, a lot of Baidu’s search engine before reading the source code of the friends say, Baidu’s technology really bad, >

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