One week news review 11 years of operation banner network officially closed Win10

1 public comment and the U.S. group O2O decisive battle: platform PK self

review and buy the business began with the public comment and the United States mission, after thousands of battle in the market has become one of the few survivors. With the O2O market began to hot, and the two are invariably aimed at the more vertical segments of the field, such as movie tickets, takeaway, travel, hotels, etc..

a local life service around the field of offensive and defensive warfare is being staged O2O. With the public comment investment hungry, and the three or four line of the city market, group purchase business also deep into the core of the United States this year, between the two sides across the country to push people to also break out continuously "conflict fighting".

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2 WeChat Tencent against public number enterprise red powder illegal Title

news July 27th, WeChat group announced that the recent public platform for WeChat by offering benefits users about account or share behavior to make a thorough investigation and blow.

it is understood that at present a lot of WeChat public numbers are "long press images, two-dimensional code recognition in the picture, attention can receive red envelopes!" "share can get more red Oh ~" the attention of reward, the use of micro enterprises to pay attention and induce users to share.

as early as last year, WeChat team has released WeChat public platform operating norms. Specification clearly pointed out that some behavior is officially banned, including WeChat public platform prohibit companies or businesses for marketing purposes, to reward or otherwise, or forced its public account induced user attention or behavior to share a message to the circle of friends. Incentives include, but are not limited to: physical prizes, virtual prizes (points, information), etc..

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3 China’s first forum aggregation portal: banner network suddenly closed

July 28th news, China’s first forum portal portal polymerization network announcement, saying that due to business needs, with immediate effect to terminate the provision of content services. In fact, in early July, the banner of network has stopped.

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