Last year more than 2200 illegal websites

yesterday, the reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, according to the national "anti pornography" work of the overall deployment, the national network information office to further promote the net net action, the year 2014 close to investigate pornographic and other illegal sites more than 2200, shut down illegal channels and columns more than and 300, shut down illegal forum, blog, micro blog, WeChat, QQ and other types of accounts for about 20000000, the organization of news sites and commercial sites of self correction to clean up all kinds of illegal and harmful information of more than 1 billion, to curb the spread of pornographic and vulgar information.

but by the end of 2014, the site is vulgar and do tend to have a rebound in the net, pornographic information when there is a rise. National network information office to take action quickly, resolutely curb the vulgar color information rebound.

December 3, 2014, the national network information office network letter instructed the Guangdong Provincial Office of the long-term spread of pornographic and vulgar information and rumors of thunder pop verification processing, emergency shut down. Last December 13th, Beijing, Guangdong, to Shanghai network information office, the investigation on hype vulgar content is a serious problem of shutting down the relevant channel, website, website comprehensive rectification requirements. During the new year’s day in 2015, the state network to do a number of disposal of the problem of the existence of vulgar site columns.

according to statistics, in 2014, six large commercial websites to clean up vulgar information about a total of about 340 million. Among them, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, four large portal site cleanup pornographic and vulgar information a total of nearly 220 million, Baidu 360 and two large search engines and navigation cleaning her color and vulgar information totaling about 130 million.

this year, the State Grid office will strengthen the management of the website as a focus. The site will also improve the content of audit through the mechanism, application development measures, increase strength, improve the manual verification mechanism, internal supervision and punishment measures prominently set up to report window, perfect holiday duty linkage mechanism, to curb the vulgar content. Reporter Kim can

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