Youth twenty years the world wide web is old no meal


to youth: Twenty anniversary of the world wide web

titanium media note: when Jobs launched Apple phone, the APP will be further development of this form in the open network. However, the future trend of mobile application that has been completely replace the traditional network become the new entrance, the dissemination of content, the changes in turn the world upside down network experience; twenty years of experience in the development of the world wide web, have never thought completely replace here so fast.

so, the world wide web to restore the lost youth? This was the world’s most open protocol, but has recently announced the news, to increase the copyright management principles for the HTML protocol, which is tantamount to more closed. "Forbes" magazine commented that the World Wide Web youth, now standing at the crossroads:

a road leading to the system limitations and constraints more, with today’s mobile equipment suppliers to provide APP rules consistent control force is stronger, from a number of gatekeepers get better quality assurance; another is to continue to adhere to the existing open – this road started 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the loss of users, never let it back in twenty-first Century ten years before the peak time so "crowded". The two way to go from here?

[Sun Rongjiang, Winnie Leung / Ti compiler] World Wide Web (World Wide Web) has been 20 years old, and the agency in charge of its future seems to forget this grand anniversary. This makes a lot of people wonder: do people still care about the world wide web


let us go back to the distant 1993, when Berners · Lee (Tim Berners-Lee); and the European nuclear research center with an invention and a series of ideas, but did not apply for a patent. They gave up on the HTML, any patent HTTP and core network architecture, it has promoted a subversion of global business and political revolution, redefines the concept of society, and set off a created trillions of dollars in new economic revolution.

however, in the Internet’s 20 years old, the future is a miserable and gloomy atmosphere. The rise of the APP economy, to bring consumers a new content of network consumption; at the same time, according to reports, this is responsible for the open Internet W3C is now being considered for the HTML protocol with "digital rights management regulations", this means that the history of the world’s most open standards will be used with a certain degree of authority.

fantastic? And in all factors, the Internet today, has been a more and more by the interests of all parties to criticism and questioning of the Internet; and then think carefully, this technology also has gradually lost the favor of consumers.

Jobs had a dream

iPhone was originally introduced at a time far more than the application >

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