Web site filing tips the recent inspection not all the records closed

Web site filing system, the individual owners must comply with, there are already 1 million 600 thousand filing, the recent Shanghai IDC news, partly because there is no record of hosting servers will be shut down. Please act quickly, quickly go to the record, in fact, the record is very simple, and do not charge.

    there is no part of the phone, or can not receive the verification code friends have a little trick.

found in time to the Ministry of information industry ICP/IP address record management information system of the website for the record, after successful registration, mobile phone can not receive the verification code at all. Later on the Baidu search found tips to share with you.

1: login: http://s.miibeian.gov.cn/

2: Registration (registration over the mobile phone that does not receive SMS, no verification code)

3: return home page (http://s.miibeian.gov.cn/)

4: enter the user name, password, authentication code and click on the landing

5: this time you need to enter the "cell phone verification code" and "mailbox verification code" – do not enter

6: enter "http://s.miibeian.gov.cn/index_icp.jsp" in the address bar

7: enter the page to enter the record

record points: the home page to have content. Don’t have too many things. Or it might not be passed.

timely upload content. Prepare for filing.

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