O2O collapse in the financing of 30 million former Sohu senior media Dai Jinsheng in how to layout

Abstract: this year and a half, do not seem to wear gold sheng. No, a ten year old driver of driving experience, every car will hit a pile, scraping the scar. "The first year of business life is very affected, the brain 24 hours at high speed, people talk to me is not in a condition like crazy, like dementia. "

senior media venture Sohu, Department of resources blessing, more than ten years of experience in logistics elite, more than 20 years of experience in catering experts, it integrates the essential elements for the success of the team; 30 minutes speed distribution of self logistics, five star chef repeatedly tested its taste quality, the product line of 2 months, the highest single orders to break 5000 logistics team; self financing, seasonal products complementary to keep the platform vitality, it continued to make up for the O2O to be born Its loopholes appeared one after another., without the "pit" business, find the Internet catering standard scheme; and angel funds, angel round A round of 58 home, it was set up 1 years of financing the 2 round, 58 home to "the future of crayfish the mission of" brand NO.1…… This is the prawn to entrepreneurial story, is a typical sample of 2015 survive the fierce competition, the market saw crayfish O2O closures, 2015 through 2015 as the winter capital.

this year and a half, do not seem to wear gold sheng.

not to, a ten year old driver of driving experience, every car will hit a pile, scraping the scar, and therefore had to give up driving.

in the prawn to become the founder, before CEO, he served as news center, Beijing Olympic Games, sports center, new media center and industrial center in sohu.com responsible person. But suddenly one day, at the age of 23 when the director of the news media, from 2003 -2014 years has been held in the media Sohu, also decided such as Xiong Xiaoge, such as Li Xueling, such as Tang Yan, and the media say goodbye. After the start of business, a sense of fulfillment, self realization of the sense of happiness, with the cash flow, orders and other changes in the number of Arabia, or to increase or decrease the pressure of the. "The first year of entrepreneurship, life is very affected, the brain 24 hours are running at a high speed, others talk to me completely out of state, can not listen to it, like crazy, and like dementia. "

but this one and a half years for prawns came, Dai Jinsheng didn’t like about your life like that of "downtime". The second half of 2014, the Internet brand logo with numerous underlings to drive the car, this is known as the "market crayfish qianyiji" highway, Dai Jinsheng is one of the prawns to. In this place is the "O2O pit", from time to time there is a broken down vehicles, can not see the end of the highway, non-stop to drive tired tired?. But the car was parked like a child’s career, carrying hundreds of employees, which is so easy to take. Besides, the prawn has opened in the front of peers, maybe one day to have a good few people tread, the scenery.

"this thing is too good, we must do !"

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