A few years ago with the extraordinary extraordinary brand are still advertising new

original title: you extraordinary, I’m tired of


do not know since when, extraordinary word began to be widely used in advertising concepts and copywriting.

recently half a month, as a general audience, I had to contact through the normal channels for more than 3 times, different brands of "extraordinary" or similar concept of creative content is above….. Especially the Hu Ge endorsement ads 4 times (search Shuabing directed this film, or even patch it!


, I can’t help thinking:


difficult to do this is the level of Chinese advertising


can be "extraordinary", "ordinary", "extraordinary" spent even if the flower, but it seems that there is still no escape from a few decades ago, apple is not the same as anyone want to level.

what are these copies of the brand?

under high-energy warning!!

first thing is this year’s Levi’s concept, # born extraordinary #




my brush 3 times Braun, the concept behind #

# is extraordinary



next is a huge car brand square, in fact, I believe that all the cars have been used to copy the words of such extraordinary, and the following is the extraordinary as idea to do:


# think different #



The Mazda

# extraordinary perspective, extraordinary #




DS5 # "fly" with those who want to #



The Saab

# Gen · see #




all # live out your #




then, we have to review the mobile phone brand phalanx, most of them were born 13 years ago in the early works:


mobile phone # tribute extraordinary #


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