Talk about online marketing and the color of the page between the things you do not know



perhaps as a webmaster you may be very clear that the color of the site will affect the user experience. But do you know the color of the site and the site’s marketing is inextricably linked. So what is important for marketing? Some people say that the beautiful, beautiful site, consumers can enjoy the natural enjoyment of our site consumption. It is true, but this is only a small point of it, the more critical is the color of the site can often affect the consumer’s purchase decisions, can play a psychological role of consumers. This sounds a bit iffy, the author will through a few simple examples to talk between color and site marketing that you don’t know.

before we start to analyze the relationship between the site’s color and the site’s marketing, let’s look at a few sets of data. The data is from the internationally renowned survey company KISSMetrics related data.

1: survey shows that more than 90% of consumers on a site before consumption, will first consider the site’s color and layout design.


in the design of the site, from the marketing point of view, we should not only make our site looks beautiful, but also let the color layout looks more atmosphere, through the color of that our consumers, our products are genuine, the brand strength of the products. Let consumers trust our products.

because the company is doing online marketing, the most needed is the consumer trust in the enterprise. If the color of our site too frivolous, out of order, it will make our site have no authority, consumers for the site’s trust will fall apart.

2: more than 70% visitors said that in an electronic business platform to decide whether to buy a product, the color of the product is the most critical element.

in the electronic business platform to buy the product, the key factor is the color of the product. We generally find the color of our products to buy, but we often see such as in some evaluation: physical looks and pictures of goods after receipt of the goods, many commodities have website pictures on the good evaluation and so on.

the evaluation may be because we are in the image processing is not good, in fact, largely from the color of the site layout, for consumer products color judgment is largely based on the website’s background color, when our site layout and color color more appropriate words, consumers can get pictures of goods the more real information.

3: site color layout success for the company’s brand effect plus

We can think of the

in this regard myself as an ordinary consumer. As a consumer if you see an electronic business platform site color is too bright, garish, the background color is more important, so even if

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