Clever use of Baidu Post Bar easy to achieve network promotion

is known to all, Baidu encyclopedia is the largest number of products in Baidu has been placed in the largest weight of a product, but in many ways to promote the network, Baidu encyclopedia is not so important. There are three reasons, first, Baidu encyclopedia each keyword can only be established, and must ensure that the keyword is not the premise of Baidu encyclopedia. Second, Baidu encyclopedia audit too strict. Third, the number of links above the Baidu Encyclopedia limited. Weight is second only to Baidu Encyclopedia of the product is Baidu know, but as long as it is done Baidu Q & a promotion people know, do Baidu know, plus the chain is too difficult.

therefore, now in many Baidu products only know Baidu Post Bar weight, therefore its advantages, more and more promotion editors like this to search the network optimization network station, professional promotion planning positions along the edge to his many years of marketing experience and share with Baidu Post Bar to do the methods and techniques of network promotion the.

a, post account is very important.

stick account and Baidu is the same account, so in the registered account must be fully considered. If you are a master of words, you can own the domain name of the website, the website main keywords or website name as Baidu account, if you are a business personnel, you can use your contact information, such as QQ, MSN, mobile phone number, etc.. As shown below:


two, stick selection is the key

Baidu post bar is Baidu’s own products, and the weight is relatively high, so in the choice of Baidu post bar when you do not have to consider the issue of good. We should take into account the key factor is to promote their own content and the relevance of the theme of the post bar and the members of the activity. Post bar is not just the place outside the chain, it is also a place for your site attracted traffic.

three, post title to

post, the post title is very important, not only the title to novel, attractive, and be sure to take your site keywords, but also pay attention to the length of the post title. SEO keyword optimization, for example, the title is set as follows:


four, post content to be related to

Baidu each post is an administrator. When the post must send your title and related content, and the content of the post also accord with the optimization principle, as long as the content inside the rational layout of key words, the theme of post in Baidu search engine will also have a good ranking. Taking SEO optimization as an example. Content keywords layout as follows:


five, the number of posts to grasp

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