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Jiang Hui before using the blog wrote an article about his real case from the website, the whole process of cheated to win, never think of is this blog’s influence is so big, click on the amount up to hundreds of thousands, many people are reproduced, Jiang Hui teacher training on a good impression, because there are so many people want to make money online work but he did not make money, Jiang Hui originally intended to help a part on the Internet do not earn money to the people, because Mr. Jiang Hui has been holding the teaching hospital to help others, rather than holding his can make a lot of money, so until today, Jiang Hui the teacher is to help students make money growth principle, money is not his purpose! Have such a mentality to become a major event! In order to have a space for one person in the online help ah, because he Countless students, many students will be very grateful to him, this is the great wisdom of thinking it!

What is the content of the first blog written by

Jiang Hui’s blog written in the first chapter is on the process of making money online, an overview from his experience of being cheated 4000 yuan to make million, but the writing is very clear, is also calling for making money online is lost, money does not depend on the implementation of the blind, but by thinking skills and support, in the blog he said that the method of using SEO to make money, this skill was not so that people on the network have a kind of inertia is considered, who wrote so exaggerated, so that all is a lie, his article received many insiders praise, some will be cheated also got a remedy, Jiang Hui was cheated by the project, do you also want to be deceived again?

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he wrote to speak very great, embedded strong stimulation, can make readers have finished reading thoughts after reading, there is a happy feeling, that is to make money online have a yearning for favors, Jiang Hui blog writing methods are also well understood.


tells the truth: you see Jiang Hui wrote, what he said is true words, said he earned million a month no boast that he can give you reason to believe.

, 2 ways of thinking: you can from his blog that his mind is so deep, he said in the making money online is the merchant network, how to make money on the merchant’s mind who is thinking, he give you some examples of the mode of thinking, good will boast very attentive to his feeling after watching.

3, helpfulness: just started Jiang Hui’s love to help people, of course, now or so, because he said in a blog can be a problem for his mail, he will be the first time to reply to him, there is a teacher Jiang Hui reply more than 8 hours, because the e-mail of many people, problems are more widely messy, one of his reply they know the end of the day’s mail reply, it did not go to bed.

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