Discussion on the promotion of the home website promotion blog

way to promote a lot of online mode, the owners are also in turn experiments to find the most suitable for their own model. (on the road of Home Furnishing website promotion blog promotion) the main wrote some details of his blog promotion, because the website promotion is a system work, the details determine success or failure, I still appreciate this sentence


blog promotion: focus!

a lot of people have talked about publicity at the same time in many blog blog blog promotion platform when it comes, I do not agree with this approach, the innumerable blog now is no longer suitable for the two methods, and focus on their own areas, as long as you focus on one area will get a cake by myself in this field in my blog standing in Sina blog blog click two weeks now more than and 900, brought to the site 60 times click, it may not much use, but my blog has reached me to pay, I invisible a propaganda platform, daily visits are rising, the message also slowly more, relative to some senior more than 2 thousand news blog, my 36 news I have satisfied, I will also continue to develop my blog platform.

experience: to maintain daily updates, to join the industry circle, the original king, to communicate with the heart of communication.

blog promotion: title!

many blogs and web sites that content is king, this is indeed the truth, but I emphasize the content for the title king, after the title is! First show in front of people, the title is good or bad directly affect the user’s browsing desire, only a good title with good content can be called a article, such as a beauty with beauty and wisdom only can be called beauty. As for how to write the title, can read write and entertainment website forum, such as Tianya mop.com or Taobao, you can find just want to let you see the title into impulse.

experience: according to the news of the fire is now more people to make headlines, so it is easier to attract the eye. At the same time you can refer to Baidu search list to check the recent fiery words. Content: This is not to say, if you can write, not written in their own wisdom to the people is the Almighty


blog promotion: flow!

blog traffic to the website and forum as guide: establish their own image in the blog, if you are a corporate blog, then establish the corporate culture concept. If you are a movie website, you can set up the film culture, film, film, etc. to introduce large, blog is a platform for the exchange, you must first establish an atmosphere to make the blog to bring the biggest effect to you, in you as a blogger and browsing your blog will become one when you! Propaganda also implanted heart! Also add some own website forum hot links to articles in the blog here, in your browser user stickiness, user is hope "

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