The technical limit of four consecutive days evaporated over 12 billion yuan

storm technology share price chart

Phoenix Technology News

news July 16th, opened today, was a smash hit in the "monster" storm Technology (300431) again sealed daily limit, since the resumption of trading since Monday has four consecutive days limit, real time price of 201.79 yuan, compared to 307.56 yuan before the suspension, the market value of 12 billion yuan more evaporation.

storm recently released 2015 annual results notice. The report shows that the first half of the storm is expected to net profit of 3 million 430 thousand yuan -801 million, down 65%-85%. Although the company’s revenue increased by 20%-30%, but the results notice clearly with the company’s current share price is far from.

during the suspension, storm technology has also launched a positive announcement, the market throws two big positive, first, the report intends to turn to 12, and the two is announced to enter the Internet tv. But in the industry view, in the field of Internet TV content copyright storm of the lack of cooperation with Haier is the only "weak coalition, the stock price decline has not been reversed.

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