Ma Huateng Tencent will join hands to open up better

news May 21st, Tencent chairman of the board and chief executive officer Ma Huateng in the 2011 session of the sixth annual meeting of China Internet webmaster said, the Tencent will take out 5 billion as open fund industry, the future will also help owners through the Shenglai Tencent by Kang, eager to open communication with the industry to do better.

Ma Huateng funny said that he is a 15 year old webmaster, people call themselves as horse station, NetEase’s Ding Lei has also worked with the advantages of Ningbo Telecom Bureau to help themselves to exchange packets.

talked about today’s conference organizers, Ma Huateng pointed out that over the past 10 years, Kang Sheng and those who have been able to keep up with the laggards, I feel heartfelt admiration. Hope the webmaster indomitable spirit forever.

Ma Huateng position, Tencent will adhere to Kang Sheng as a relatively independent company, Kang event to maintain its spirit of openness, Tencent will also help Kang Sheng through its own advantages to a higher level.

said open, Ma Huateng said, the Tencent in 2001 joined the Monternet open platform. From the historical point of view, Monternet has saved many domestic Internet sites, but also the ups and downs, which indicates that the opening is not just a slogan, or a kind of ability. In order to maintain a healthy development, it is necessary to establish a sound and sound system.

Ma Huateng pointed out that Tencent is also feeling the stones across the river, Tencent hope that we can grasp the secrets of the future open platform through communication, try to find a good solution.

Ma Huateng said that although the Tencent was known as the so-called "three mountains" one of the Tencent, but do not want as a rocky mountain, but to cover a lot of fertile soil of the mountain, so many business owners to take root in the above. Hope that in the future on the road to open up with you hand in hand to get better and better.


sixth China Internet webmaster annual meeting held in Beijing 21, as the domestic circle the most influential annual event, the conference venue arrangement "to open", "open and win-win" and "open" three directions of the issue, there will be nearly 100 guests from all walks of life to participate in the speech and discussion.

Tencent science and technology as the official meeting of the strategic cooperation portal and micro-blog strategic partner, the conference for the entire video, graphics, micro-blog live and interviews.

below is the chairman of the board of directors of the Tencent and CEO Ma Huateng speech record:

Ma Huateng: Dear webmaster good morning everyone!

in fact, we invite this time is quite looking forward to come to the scene to feel this atmosphere is better than I had imagined, more entrepreneurial community atmosphere. Just the host said I was an old webmaster, also reminded me more than and 10 years ago bitter or sweet memories.

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