Click fraud hit the nternet advertising industry

yesterday, a report shows that China’s Internet industry’s most worried about the Internet economy is the problem of online advertising click fraud. This is called China online advertising satisfaction survey report shows that 82% of corporate executives worry that Internet advertising click fraud". Some small and medium enterprises even had to give up the Internet advertising.

from China Pharmaceutical (love shares, market, information) investment network Zhou Rengen told reporters that due to click fraud in Internet advertising expenses, resulting in revenues, and finally had to give up the promotion on the internet. According to the reporter, and Zhou Rengen have suffered the same small and medium enterprises in the minority.

so-called Internet advertising click fraud refers to the number of clicks due to Internet advertising charges, illegal sites using technical means to cheat clicks, in order to seek high advertising costs. This seriously restricts the normal development of the Internet advertising industry. According to the release of China’s online advertising satisfaction survey report Ali mother company, found in the survey, 82% of respondents are most worried about click fraud, cross point alliance and false advertising.

according to statistics, China’s Internet advertising market in 2008 will reach 11 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of nearly 60%. However, there are many hidden dangers behind the rapid development, especially "click fraud".

, however, there is no domestic regulations to protect the interests of consumers of online advertising. But in order to retain small and medium enterprises on the Internet advertising, some Internet companies began to take various measures to prevent fraud to bring greater impact. For example, Ali mother launched small and medium enterprises, such as the flow of traffic will encounter fraud will be paid in advance. Google began the trial to determine the "action" consideration of Internet advertising effectiveness standard. However, these companies can not retain the behavior of small and medium enterprise customers are still hard to say.

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