Daily topic Jingdong stationed in the entrance of WeChat WeChat can bring a number of users to Jingd

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news May 28th, passed the long Jingdong has launched the WeChat platform "shopping" entrance yesterday, although only Beijing and Shanghai two city has been upgraded to version 5.3 WeChat users, WeChat in the "discovery" see "shopping" entrance interface. After the shopping entrance will gradually open to the national WeChat users.

"shopping" level entrance is divided into three sub columns: "new discovery", "brand" and "poly Hui", positioning each have focused on, to meet the needs of different groups. WeChat opened shopping entrance will be able to fully meet the needs of the majority of WeChat users shopping. Jingdong chief marketing officer Lanye said Jingdong WeChat shopping channel, can provide preferential prices of goods and rich and convenient service for users of WeChat. He also pointed out that the opening of WeChat shopping entrance level is a major milestone in the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent.

Tencent WeChat team official said, WeChat opened the shopping level entrance will be able to fully meet the shopping needs of users of WeChat, the Jingdong in the field of B2C infrastructure investment will further enhance the user experience, WeChat is becoming a one-stop mobile life into the user’s mouth. For Jingdong, the entrance to join WeChat, is expected to allow its mobile electricity supplier business to get a leap growth. According to previous Jingdong prospectus shows that in December 2013, Jingdong about 15% of orders from the mobile terminal. The information released by WeChat shows that in the first quarter of 2014, WeChat monthly active users reached 396 million.

In fact, about

Jingdong to join WeChat entrance more people want to know is that WeChat can bring to the Jingdong many users? WeChat is as legendary as draining magic? As everyone knows WeChat entrance in the industry have always been a myth, a WeChat entrance value 1 billion.

from the Jingdong micro shop in view of the current situation, whether it is product experience, business control, business operation ability and is not very bright, the largest weight attract sellers is still WeChat traffic entrance. Can not be questioned is the monthly active users reached 335 million of WeChat, you can directly make the number of monthly active users doubled Jingdong. But the Jingdong into WeChat, not just to get huge traffic and brand premium, more is to Jingdong micro shop, specials such entrance, with mercury spilled into the momentum, WeChat, which will be the original POP platform migration to mobile access, in the mobile terminal to construct a new the Jingdong and does not contain the label open platform, Jingdong itself becomes the platform operator.

has pointed out that the cooperation is expected to produce a chemical reaction, in the field of electricity providers, whether Jingdong or WeChat are not enough to cause a substantial impact on Ali, but the combination of social and commercial, is expected to rewrite the pattern of mobile business, which will bring enormous pressure and influence on Alibaba. With Jingdong access WeChat client, the next few months, is expected to Beijing

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