How do get ten thousand of my traffic within 2 months

officially from June 1, 2006 as a holiday tour of the network management, was a confused! 95 years of exposure to the Internet, it is deeply fascinated by the network. From the beginning of the NetEase mail to QQ and then to the network game, but the most let me really is the site of the operation.

graduated 6 months, I managed to do a large investment site manager. I have a strong physical strength behind, with the boss gave me enough confidence. But at that time, style holiday travel is in a moribund state. Almost all less than 1000 of the traffic is through the search engine bidding. Cost can be imagined. By November 2006, after the Sichuan tourist season, financial statistics, nearly 6 months, my search engine bidding spent 305 thousand. The gross profit is only a little more than 40. Remove costs, accounting out, a cruel fact in front of me, 6 months time, the site loss of about 100000.

this time, all kinds of pressure to me. Some people question my ability (I have also begun to question), the company for the Ministry of personnel on the network also large-scale reduction. The site is facing an undo situation.

after careful consideration, I found that there are too many problems on my site.

first: traffic source is too single, with the search engine bidding, my income to the search engine.

secondly: customer service reception there is a serious problem, low single rate.

this is the first time I thought of a few points, and then I for these points, began a new site planning.

plan to submit to me later, and returned to the Department of network confidence department decided at the end of November 2006 for the reform of the network make only superficial changes. The first is the revision of the website.

in our 3 technology, a senior artist, the efforts of the editors of the two sites, holiday tour in 2007 to complete a comprehensive revision. This time I pay attention to this SEO, I will focus on the following.

first of all, we need the key words are: Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan tourism, Mount Emei tourism and other scenic spots and tourism related keywords Sichuan. So, in the optimization of the home page, I focus on the above keywords were optimized. At the same time, the use of CSS+DIV way to open the site to speed up, while increasing the amount of information on the site.

website on-line a week, Google will grab more than 5 thousand data, up to more than 50 thousand. Because my domain name PR=5, so on the GOOGLE performance is not bad.

, but the next thing can not be avoided, the light is not enough to allow my site to improve a lot of PR traffic, 3000IP traffic is mostly the flow of information, there is no single rate, flow >

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