Flow war How do the marketing operation in Jingdong

flow of war, no smoke!


in recent days in Beijing sunny, people also feel good again, 2016 full to 2017 has been lopsided, with 12 months of sincerity Pumianerlai, happy Spring Festival will bloom, fireworks, live in the wonderful still very bright, here, I advance to friends and thanks to the early!, I hope this article can make you feel content, will be


in the future, you will be grateful for the efforts of their own

in 2015, thanks to the good boss Jingdong senior director Zhang, and the direct leadership of Huang, there are 11 categories to the Jingdong is responsible for the 3C department, by the end of the year, this should not write up. As I write, one not careful, I wrote a long "I do what operations in the Jingdong, product operation and management" business thinking, but also in the first article of the Jingdong, a lot of content, very long, the core category responsible for operation / category sales operations in Jingdong feel.

is also because of this article, by the Jingdong 3C sales department senior director Chu see, and share to the marketing department, then there is the core work to follow, follow 3C Chu total sales department to do something valuable and meaningful, the electricity supplier operating another level: marketing operations, including: the traffic distribution, channel operations, product marketing operations, operations and other core business activity. 2016 has been responsible for establishing recruitment, operations team; Jingdong a channel "play 3C" product line, early operation; Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival, Jingdong, Jingdong double 618 project 11 project, and had won the 2016 Q3 Award (public record Jingdong 3C Innovation Award).

work experience in recent years, more and more deep, no matter who have done things or events, or any work that you have done anything to, any one interested in love, will bring a lot to you, every minute of precipitation, the past hard, pay will, in later life / career, or big or small help; the future you will appreciate your efforts now! Because you are now creating achievements, from the past hard work


two multi dimensional electricity supplier operations

itself has a lot of business operation level, category operation / marketing operations / channel operation…… Each part is vital! But no matter what part of the work, the final is one, all depends on the traffic. No flow, the goods will not be favored by users; no flow, even double 11, there will be no current global record…… Each online and offline businesses, and even every department, from business to research and development, all brains, are trying to do a good job of the user experience, and thus enhance the 2 core indicators: traffic, and traffic ROI!


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