What is the significance of WeChat marketing training

The WeChat

fire, WeChat marketing also will fire, while WeChat marketing training started hot, and before micro-blog marketing, as a new marketing way fired fire, so that the training course. In my opinion, WeChat marketing is a very controversial marketing method, is suitable for WeChat to do marketing, and now the so-called "people have different opinions on each one airs his own views," it, WeChat is a tool for communication, understanding the people around by WeChat, users use WeChat chat. WeChat’s circle is relatively small, usually have so few friends, spread amount is far too low, WeChat marketing training also exposed the real face of the popular Internet training training, this thing is really hard to evaluate the effect of it. WeChat marketing training, the author has the following views, of course, not for any individual or training institutions, just a little bit of advice.

first: there is no so-called authority training institutions

at Baidu search, it is not difficult to find many do network marketing training site, Baidu will do the bidding, the title looks more attractive, this is not just a WeChat marketing training, for example: what the only WeChat marketing training institutions, in fact these so-called authority? I think it is fundamental no, just a word to attract users to click on advertisements. Since advertising is bound to exaggerate, but for many small white users, perhaps they do not know these. For example, some business owners that others are engaged in the marketing of WeChat, in fact, the real effect is not too clear, but to see the competitors are doing, it will produce a copycat phenomenon, worry about not doing WeChat marketing will fall behind the others, naturally need to find someone to give the enterprise internal training work. Or assign someone to learn how to do WeChat marketing, and WeChat training institutions are the main user groups, or those who intend to learn WeChat marketing.

second: WeChat marketing training is too exaggeration

whether WeChat or micro-blog marketing training, marketing training, the author briefly looked at several sites do Baidu bidding, some sites actually made a single page, other content not talk about, is the case and the actual results of the evaluation of the missing. Those theoretical knowledge perhaps you and I can understand, the key is how to operate, I think the way of operation and thinking is the most important, there is no case simply can not explain what the problem. Even if the ads that are not worth believing as if it were raining flowers, and I noticed that the registration fee is not low, there is a site on the quoted price is 8 Qianduoyi students, WeChat marketing can actually get much benefit? This is not a clear concept for the enterprise. If the cost and return is not proportional, so as to choose other Internet marketing methods, since it is a training institution, the appropriate advertising is understandable, but blindly to the myth of WeChat marketing role, and in order to attract students, that is in the flicker of cadets.

third: marketing training should be

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