West Stephen Chow V demon is aggressively which games aimed at the marketing focus

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" evaluation of West demon volts appear serious polarization, but this film is undoubtedly the most important works of the Spring Festival. More closely in the film and television works and game industry association is today, many games while the west wind, to seize the marketing opportunity.

hand tour with the same name, page tour launched simultaneously


(West Mobile Games demon volts article propaganda figure


long before the film on the line, the game and the film has begun to cooperate. The game company has always been full of expectations for the Stephen Chow effect of the IP film, and last year, the mermaid released the same name. Not to mention the "West" demon volts is more concentrated "Stephen Chow + Tsui Hark + West theme" three big labels, no one can ignore the potentially explosive force works.

in the "West" demon volts released over the same period, the original authorization Webpage Game, Mobile Games also at this point in time to launch the game player.

first Mobile Games in November 8th last year, "the west" demon volts conference, also announced the movie will launch the movie name Mobile Games licensed news and perfect world. The final Mobile Games "journey to the west" demon volts by a perfect world by mutual entertainment development, cohesion and perfect world jointly issued.

is the perfect world game industry veteran manufacturers, the company business covers two sections and perfect world game perfect world television, has launched the "perfect world", "swordsman", "other" The legend of Condor Hero client network games and mobile games. While cohesion is a mutual entertainment new faces, but mentioned "behind the company Su Ning" don’t believe there are people feel strange, cohesion mutual entertainment membership Suning’s creative sector.

"the west" demon volts Webpage Game by 37 game operation. 37 game product operation in the movie theme aspect also has a wealth of experience in the past 37 years, the game has launched the "Nirvana in Fire" "three version" Zhao Zilong "and" Wu God shadow tour products.

king of glory launched the love of his life



(Luna celestial skin)

of the "king of glory" is the Tencent’s day beauty studio of a mobile gaming products, and it is also one of the most popular among young people in the game. There is no relationship between the West demon volts this product itself and Stephen Chow’s too big. But the audience will be "the west" demon volts back to it and the celestial love story, "king of glory" will launch the "love of my life" package game also played the same role for.

According to the

game, "the love of my life" package in February 11th. Zhizunbao skin and Luna contains game hero monkey packs in the celestial skin, the full price of 1676 points, 1340 points discount.

at the same time it is also the "king of glory"

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