Google search from entry to master 3

6 and other general grammar

6.1, search all links to a URL address of the web page

if you have a personal website, you may want to know how many people have links to your site. The "link" grammar allows you to quickly achieve this goal.

6.2, find a page structure similar to the content of the page

"related" is used to search for web pages with similar structural content. Example: "".

6.3, query information from the cached page on the GOOGLE server

"cache" used to search a GOOGLE server on a page cache, usually used to find some of the dead links have been deleted web pages, equivalent to the use of ordinary search results page in the "web snapshot" function.

example: find the GOOGLE cache Chinese Yahoo home page
Google has been the first preview of the site snapshot file under the web page.
this page may have the updated version, please click here to view the new version. Google has nothing to do with the web page author, is not responsible for the content of the web page.

6.4, info

info is used to display a series of searches related to a link, providing the functions of cache, link, related, and the web page that contains the link completely.

7, image search

I have to admit, GOOGLE’s image search is a great invention!! GOOGLE claimed to be able to retrieve 320000000 pictures, and called himself the best image search tool on the internet". Although this feature is still in the B testing phase, but it has been very easy to use!

GOOGLE Home Click on the image link to enter the GOOGLE image search interface,". You can enter the key words in the key words to describe the image content, such as "Britney Spears", it will search a large number of pictures of Britney Spears and Britney. I am still not very clear pictures with a standard, but to observe, to picture file name in full compliance with key results compared with the exam, then according to the ordinary page search standard arrangement.

The search results given by

GOOGLE have an intuitive thumbnail (THUMBNAIL), as well as a simple description of the thumbnail, such as the image file name, size, etc.. Click on the thumbnail, the page is divided into two shot, shot on image thumbnails, and page links, and Chen, is the image of the page. Top right corner of the screen >

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