Brewmaster net 4 liquor double 11 loss of more than 50 million

4 home liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network "more than double 11" loss of 50 million

[TechWeb] November 14th news, during the performance of the 11 eye-catching wine electricity providers do not seem so. Brewmaster network has not yet been disclosed to the specific sales amount, but chairman Hao Hongfeng told the media that the brewmaster network paid the price of 20 million yuan for promotion, and brewmaster network, 1919, net purchase wine, the wine network of four home appliance supplier during the double 11 is expected to total loss of 50 million yuan.

Hao Hongfeng said that there is no specific financial data, but about the loss of nearly 20 million yuan. Although not accounted for cheap, did not suffer, to pay 20 million of the promotional costs to help the healthy operation of the liquor industry.

"the price war will affect the relationship between electricity and wine enterprises, this round of price war, Moutai and Wuliangye and other large wine enterprises have to the business sector for some business of complaints, which affected the relationship between electricity and wine enterprises. In addition, the price war between the electricity supplier, will also bring huge economic losses. This year is expected to double the total loss of 4 liquor electricity supplier in more than $50 million during the last two years, but the price war allows practitioners to return to reason." Hao Hongfeng said.

During last year’s double 11

brewmaster net sales of 220 million yuan this year, double 11 brewmaster network did not disclose the overall sales data, only that the double 11 day sales of about 2000 tons of wine, equivalent to a medium-sized winery a year yield. (rain)

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