Please upgrade Flash Player to 9 0 124 as soon as possible

recently, Adobe Flash Player outbreak is now a serious security vulnerability, the attacker can be designed to implement a special SWF file attacks. Browse these specially constructed SWF files and run arbitrary code set by the attacker. Adobe Flash Player widely distributed in many users of the computer, the vulnerability involves a variety of WWW browser.

according to Kingsoft anti virus monitoring center, at present, there are many on the Internet using Adobe Flash Player program vulnerabilities malicious Trojan website, access to these sites in Malaysia rate as high as 60%.

many hackers standing in the sales of the latest Flash 0day VaR, claiming that the horse was above 70%, can IE7, free to kill, not the card does not pop, all patches.


is a Flash plugin vulnerability, the vulnerability will affect the IE browser, may also affect Firefox or other third party browser, and even affect all applications associated with flash such as QQ show, MSN scene.

this vulnerability appears in the Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 and earlier versions, Adobe has released a version of the 9.0.124 update, also released a security bulletin.

FLASH plugin update address: 

webmaster can do what


1 please in the web page Object tags in the codebase modification requires version=9,0124,0

2 in the JS introduced the way to modify the requiredMajorVersion and requiredRevision for the corresponding version, SWFObject is also the same modification.

At present, has updated the VIP chemical channel codebase, welcome everyone to watch


detailed operation steps:

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