nventory of those inside the walls of the wall outside the fragrance of Chinese companies

I horse China: some Internet Co based on local research and development, product reputation abroad, in foreign markets to open up a vast world, occupy a high market. Inside the wall outside the wall incense, where there is a demand where there is a market, this paper inventory in the overseas market has a higher 9 companies, followed by a dark look at I.

UC browser

as the world’s largest mobile browser, UC browser global downloads exceeded 1 billion 500 million times, the user monthly usage (PV) more than 150 billion, the world has more than 500 million users.

UC international, faces two major challenges: one is that the case has not been successful China Internet Corporation to go out; two is no money no energy, can be multi line combat? Yu Yongfu believes that internationalization is a corner overtaking opportunities, so even if only more than and 20 people, would also like to try, the penetration of very large do Iran. The fact that India, Russia and Southeast Asia, the population of these regions will be close to 2 billion, the development of space. Since the establishment of the India office in November 2011 so far, UC has occupied more than 1/3 of the market share, every three Internet users with mobile phones have a UC user.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is from our information (MoboTap) in 2010 the company launched a specially designed for the intelligent mobile phone Internet design mobile phone browser. September 2011, Dolphin Browser iPhone version of apple APPStore ranked first in 52 countries and regions. November 2011, dolphin browser as the only mobile browser list PCWorld2011 best technology products Top100, ranked sixty-seventh.

launched less than a year and a half after the time, the size of the Dolphin Browser overseas users has reached more than 8 million, mostly in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developing countries. After obtaining the A round of ten million U.S. dollars in venture capital in July last year, our information (Dolphin Browser developers) to further increase the recruitment efforts, and actively expand overseas market. Recently, the Dolphin Browser announced the depth of cooperation with Japan’s second operators KDDI, with KDDI in Japan has a total of 30 million users, Dolphin Browser users in Japan will be significantly improved in the short term. Dolphin Browser seems to have a natural global gene.



formerly known as MyIE, that is "my IE", is a PC browser based on IE kernel. In 2004 it was renamed Maxthon, Chinese name Maxthon, officially released version 1. Then by virtue of superior security and ease of use, the amount of downloads in 2007 break billion. 2010 officially released Maxthon mobile browser, and the following year in Silicon Valley to set up a branch, enter the overseas market. 2012 Maxthon browser released cloud based on leading travel >

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