Warm sland Network alleged breach of fraud the buyer does not pay the seller to sell the goods

lawyer said the electricity supplier and the alleged breach of the fraud

recently more than the business to reflect the newspaper said that the electricity supplier website warm Island Network in arrears of nearly half a century of the brand of money, businesses can not stop shipping, and warm Island network is still operating. A lot of unwitting consumers suffered after the embarrassment of a single request, the request will not receive a refund. Warm Island Network responded that to the end of the month to the merchant to make payment settlement, and refund consumers. Lawyers said the site has a breach of contract and alleged fraud.

seller: delinquent payment is not settled

Beijing morning news reporter learned that consumers buy goods through the warm Island network is responsible for the delivery of goods by the merchant, warm Island network will be returned to the proportion of the amount of the monthly payment to the merchant. Merchant Ms. said that from the beginning of this year, the warm Island network have been stopped to pay their settlement, beginning in April, the customer service can not contact, the official micro message also get no reply. My home four or five, June settlement has been in the ‘pending financial audit’ state".

a lady said that the arrears of businesses have been organized in the online activist action. In her presentation of the list of the list of warm Island network of arrears, there are 72 brands of businesses were owed nearly $400 thousand, mostly concentrated in the beginning of this year to July. All the people in the summary form are signed, expressed willingness to solve the matter through legal channels.

According to Ms.

said, after she had been linked to the warmth of the island network QQ brand management, the company admits that the company does have difficulties in the near future. "Managers say the financial department and the Ministry of investment in the negotiations, look at the end of June can be resolved again in July of communications, said the company was finishing the repayment plan, only a part of the settlement, but until now no progress".

buyers: do not give a refund

to reduce losses, more than merchants to stop shipping. The reporter saw warm Island official website and official micro is still in operation, a lot of unwitting consumers are still buying and payment. After the money hit the site, it was found not to receive the customer contact is not on the site, many consumers are online Tucao warm island.

Lee complained that in mid June, she bought a pair of glasses in the warm Island, such as half a month did not see delivery, apply for a refund has not been accepted, "telephone hotlines, e-mail is not back, I can only anxious".

in this regard, some businesses called warm Island Network in a timely manner without shelves goods, stop misleading consumers. Web products by the warm Island network management, we have no right to the shelf, can only be replaced by zero inventory, who did not know a few days and inventory, I do not know is not to go back to the site. We have all been told by the manager of the warm island network." Lady said.

lawyer: website breach alleged fraud

recently, the reporter repeatedly call warm Island network customer service hotline, has been unable to connect. In the beginning of the 400 site telephone voice prompt, "sorry, the subscriber you dialed is downtime". The reporter asked the office to warm Island network official website in Dongcheng District Pudu Temple Lane, the staff said the matter will be feedback to.

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