360 to Baidu hinterland attacks targeting Baidu PPC moves


recently launched a new plan to add the "thumb" button in the 360 security browser, when users browse the web, just click the "thumb" button, will be submitted to the 360 website domain name search, add to the site in the search engine user ratings, high quality website users can be more to search. Search of the war to this point, perhaps really should use the war on the fingertips to describe the. 360 of the thumb plan on the line, it means that wants to shake the fundamental Baidu.

website ranking depends on user preferences

360 approach with the previous Facebook, Google+ and other sites similar to the introduction of iLike, +1 and other voting mechanisms are very similar. The thumb mode and Baidu’s charge bidding mode is diametrically opposed, Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) seems to be free in the end.

in the "user first" thumb mode, the site’s ranking depends entirely on the user’s preferences, but the industry is questioning the model is likely to be exploited by malicious brush companies. Micro-blog has engaged in a SEO (search engine ranking optimization) work, said: 360 thumbs out, more than the entire server and IP brush ranking, year-end bonus and performance audit on the count."

to brush ranking not only need to switch back and forth IP address, but also the need to establish a virtual host, during which 360 accounts, hard disk ID have to make changes." "IT times" reporter in contact with a SEO optimization company learned that the current use of server and IP brush ranking sounds easy, but the feasibility is very low. In fact, one of the most difficult to achieve the brush votes, is to simulate the action of the hand gestures is difficult to achieve." At the same time, he also said that from a cost perspective, brush votes a little The loss outweighs the gain.

reporter then consulted a number of companies engaged in SEO optimization, they have said that there is no comprehensive search for the 360 to do the work of ranking optimization, but also more difficult to brush votes.

advertising model also take the road of differentiation

in addition to the ranking system, in the advertising system, 360 also intends to go out a different way.

in the advertising model, Baidu’s web promotion and advertising alliance since the system, has a very mature operating system, which is used to promote Baidu CPC, click on the charging mode. But the 360 is 360 and 360 the effect of dotting the platform: the big two advertising platform for 360 navigation page advertisement operation. 360 of them by dotting the platform click charge mode, and the 360 is the effect of alliance with CPS, according to the effect of charging mode, it is the billing to pay a certain percentage of the sales amount in accordance with the Commission, the main electricity supplier used by various B2C.

every time the user clicks on Baidu, we have to pay 0.5 yuan to Baidu." The person in charge of the shoes Network told reporters that the so-called effective clicks, >

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