Baidu playing martial arts who can not stop

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( is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet company, represents the development of the Internet China indispensable in the field of enterprise logo. Here the role of Baidu Internet companies do not have to boast to me, but the Internet for the first industry companies from the perspective of marketing is the first to get the search engine. The search engine market in China, Baidu as the market leader should play an exemplary role. In the life of Baidu as a user of the service provided by Baidu is indeed more comprehensive, and its services fit my search engine needs. But here are a few questions I found in my life and work.


customer resource mining

about a year ago, I received the first Baidu sales call, the language of the incisive attitude of humility makes it hard for me to connect with ordinary sales. But less than three words I know what she wants me to do, cut into the theme of Baidu’s ability to start after the hype, within three minutes I solved her marketing hypnosis. I am beginning to receive this call is very normal, directional telemarketing is one of the most successful low-cost promotions. About a month later, I got a phone call from a guy. Young people are full of SAP passion introduced his company’s strength for me, and made a very rapid promotion planning for me. To tell you the truth, I didn’t listen to him. After three minutes, he said he was tired and put the subject to me. I asked a question. If you know what I’m doing, please give me a price! The boy kept apologizing to waking from a dream, I asked a few, what is your profession, but I didn’t answer, I only answer to "who gave you my contact you ask who". After I received a lot of so-called Baidu telephone sales, feeling of deja vu, insurance? Nutrition? Cosmetics? Search engine? I don’t know whether I’m a sales agent or a Baidu agent, but I’m very surprised by the size of the resource sharing model.

marketing training and ethics

I received a sentence "if you use our Baidu PPC Marketing often Baidu phone, will bring you more with the audience," I think it is the objective of this is a very irresponsible. Baidu’s charges are by clicking / unit price rather than audience / unit price, since it can not guarantee that each click is the audience, then Baidu should correct this idiom. If you do not change, change their.

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