2345 com parent company was prosecutors compensation for public prosecution Microsoft 36 million

"radish home", the larger "tomato garden"

Rui compensation Microsoft 36 million, has been prosecuted prosecutors

IT Times reporter Yang Xinjie

4 years ago, Microsoft will stick to pound the anti infringement of software piracy, "tomato garden" tomato garden edition Windows XP author Hong Lei in prison, which caused a great disturbance in the industry. Over the past 4 years, Hong Lei has been released from prison, tomato garden case has gradually been forgotten, but the recent case of another case of renewed concern about Microsoft’s anti piracy.

recently, Microsoft sued Shanghai Rui network Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as Rui Chong company), asking for compensation of 100 million yuan, after mediation by the court, compensation of $36 million. The amount of compensation is high, the most cases of previous cases, after the amount of compensation for Microsoft are mostly in the millions of dollars, even the tomato garden, after mediation, the amount of compensation is only 3 million yuan.

"IT times" reporter learned that, in addition to Rui Chong face civil action of Microsoft, will also be held criminally responsible, Shanghai Pudong New Area City People’s Procuratorate has Pudong court prosecution, the case is being heard during the pirated operating system before the epidemic, "radish home" is likely involved.

Rui Chong Microsoft lost money and apologize

a lot of people do not know the Swiss company, but the 2345 site navigation (2345.com) should not be unfamiliar. 2011 Oriental TV "dance forest congress" program, when the judges decided the fate of players, the host not to say "3, 2, 1, please, and say" light "2, 3, 4, 5, please light". Because of the company’s products, "2345 site navigation" is the "dance forest conference" Co sponsors.

now, Rui Chong is standing in the dock of the court.

according to the Shanghai Municipal Higher People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai High Court) website disclosure of information display, recently, Microsoft accused Rui Chong, Han Meng (president), Han Hongchang (vice president) and other three defendants on the Internet unauthorized illegal dissemination of their copyrighted computer software, attract actual hits of more than 3200 times, more than 1132 times download pirated. The defendant sent 1278890 copies of pirated discs.


, Microsoft filed a lawsuit to the court, asking the three defendants bear to stop infringement, a public apology, and civil liability for compensation for economic losses of 100 million yuan.

Shanghai High Court Intellectual Property Tribunal accepted the case. The court mediation efforts, the case was successfully, Rui Chong company agreed to an apology and compensation for 36 million yuan. November 17th, 2345.com issued a statement of apology, on 2011 before and after the invasion of Microsoft Corp computer software copyright caused huge economic losses to the Microsoft Corp and the behavior of goodwill expressed deep regret. >

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