Vertical community marketing in traditional industries dancing with vertical communities

on the community, it is easy to think, without thinking is the forum community, Post Bar, blog, micro-blog and other SNS products, but compared to all walks of life to enter the Internet industry vertical community, consumer oriented community is just the tip of the iceberg.

however, all walks of life have their own community play. Consumer oriented FMCG industry, clothing industry, catering industry, such as keen on marketing through the community, or even look for business opportunities.

integrated community is only the tip of the iceberg

and regardless of the previously established Tianya community, such as BBS, along with the myth of Facebook and the maturity of the domestic market, China’s SNS site into a real growth period. During this period, most of the SNS websites in China draw lessons from Facebook, which is the earliest campus SNS community school network in mainland China from 2005, and the SNS network will be promoted to the mainstream of Internet users in china. These increasingly rich forms of the community, to all walks of life, Internet marketing and communications companies, and even to find opportunities to provide better channels and breakthrough. To the popular micro-blog and micro-blog, based on marketing, always let Chinese SNS stand in the trend of cutting-edge.

a lot of individual consumers in the face of the industry companies have started marketing for the community, such as FMCG category, automotive, clothing, fashion makeup, etc.. At the same time, there are also a variety of integration and reference between the community and e-commerce sites. In this regard, Zheng Jun, deputy general manager of the founder of international e-commerce, said: the use of the community, is not a simple e-commerce website to add a forum. The purpose of the use of the community is to take full advantage of the members of the community in various social networks, with the advantages of word of mouth marketing, bring more potential users and buy. This is not good at all, users can publish information to many communities, and that the user can spread to members of the benefits system in the community, such as integral system, integral system, using the system for coupons coupons and a set of system processes, whether to promote membership and actively carry out corresponding promotion to the community in their own circle."

electricity supplier socialization is a concept and practice to be observed, at least most of the current electricity supplier is not directly take the road of socialization. As far as we are concerned, furniture is a relatively large consumer goods, reputation easily lead to consumption, consumption will inevitably have a reputation. So, we have been more concerned about the social communication, such as micro-blog, light blog, SNS launched a focus on publicity. However, the introduction of social networking site itself, we are not ripe conditions, not suitable for immediate." Ali EO himself by Chen family, still hot skid lazy? Tencent senior executive vice president Wu Xiaoguang said: "the community of electronic commerce is a low cost access to the user’s way. From a foreign case, DELL computer through the establishment of enterprise home page on Facebook, through the sharing of millions of fans and friends to share in the field of online sales has achieved great success."

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