How to spend the least money Yinglai maximum benefits in a short period of time

: I run a personal website for 6 years, from 6 years ago to live life students development today has more than and 40 employees, each step is over from the hustle, there are a lot of lessons, there are also some experience to obtain benefits from the beginning, has been reserved for use now.


Baidu library, Baidu know, soft writing, can be said to be the grass root entrepreneurial three carriages, their advantage is:

1 low cost of their own time to do it yourself, almost no cost, please bulk post, Baidu library, Baidu know the price is now about $5 a

2 easy to get good rankings in Baidu library, that is Baidu’s own products, is almost as long as the guarantee will not be deleted, will soon be included in Baidu, and will get a very good ranking, the first page of Baidu is all of you.

3 combined with soft Wen to write, has a high conversion rate of

Baidu library benefits I do not elaborate, if there have been years of experience of people in this sword invincible use quietly. Many people ask me, Baidu library can send ads? Will not be deleted? My answer is:! Certainly! But how do you do can be advertising softly salutary influence of education.

to Baidu library is not deleted, there are three ways to go!

I. Baidu certified

this approach to the library, suitable for the creation of brand and reputation of hard advertising. Companies or individuals certified by Baidu, like Baidu made a pass to you, in the header, footer hard into your advertisement, company name, brand name, no problem.

Two. Setting up


has not been certified by Baidu, would like to send the library, how can we make the adoption rate is high, the deletion rate is low?

If the

is in contact with the contact that will make Baidu pictures. Now most of the time the audit does not do manual review, so make the picture form, is easily evaded audit is still a great opportunity!

If the

to send dozens of ads, more than enough, if it is a big game player to get the Baidu home page, this is not enough, also need to cooperate with the means to do multiple, less delete.

library with Taobao brush is the same reason, the same IP, ID agreed to too much in a relatively short time, often in the river walk, there is always time to wet shoes, so you need to prepare a lot of account, within a day for several different IP address the rotation.

as long as enough time, one day by forty or fifty is a simple thing. Baidu home page of a library of less than about four hundred or five hundred of the high, usually in more than 10%

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