Portal platform how to compete for customer resources in the electricity supplier

electricity supplier more and more hot, electricity supplier awareness is also more and more accepted by the enterprise. Many electricity providers have sprung up, such as the establishment of the platform, due to the increasingly sophisticated electronic business platform, the competition between the increasingly fierce, so each portal platform site also began to compete for customer resources war. Each portal to exhaust all the skills in order to attract customers. Even a lot of cheap, slander opponents, opponents to steal customer information and other means of unfair competition. In fact, this continues, the electricity supplier industry will only form a vicious circle, and finally we can not make money. How to reasonably compete for customer resources in the portal platform site, I will be the following aspects.

first, through the details of the service to allow customers to recognize

look at the current portal platform, whether it is a vertical class or integrated class platform, business models are very similar: are attracting companies to invest in their own portal platform to become a paid member. And then use their own platform weight or reputation to a part of the flow to the customer site. So when faced with so many similar choices, for some portal platform, what do you want to let customers in your platform advertising it?. In fact, the annual advertising budget of the client is fixed, in his home vote and vote in your home are the same, the key is almost the same platform, the service is particularly important. For example, the customer website background update frequency fast, customer service have regular visits to customers to record results, the site problem there is not the first time to solve, encountered major holidays, visit customers have promotional activities recently, websites need synchronous update. These details will change the customer’s impression of the company. Sometimes even a website like a general effect, second years when customers still choose to renew, why? Because the customer service has been recognized through these details of your company, you recognized this platform. Details can determine success or failure, the details reflect the basic service concept of a network company.

two, word of mouth marketing platform

of course about the reputation of the platform is the main assessment or the customer or the customer, the effect of advertising is not the platform itself boast. Want to do the word of mouth, the key is to do a good job for customers. As the service provider of the electricity supplier industry, any platform website can not reach the customer’s satisfaction, but at least you have to let the customer on your platform is not too much criticism. In particular, portal platform, strengthen their technical support and service team is particularly important. Now a lot of portals, so how can you stand out from the platform?. Many Internet companies ignore the word-of-mouth marketing, resulting in negative information of their company. Do you think if the customer is going to vote for your platform, the results of a query around, your reputation is not good platform, customers will choose your platform?

three, a "win-win" or "win-win" principle

has a slogan called "everyone is good, is really good." This >

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