Baidu Nuomi internal staff letter O2O marathon run to the midfield will not be returned


technology news September 8th morning news, Sina today learned exclusively, vice president of Baidu Inc, general manager of Baidu Nuomi Ceng Liang today issued an internal letter for full glutinous rice, according to the recent "rumors" illustrated, Ceng Liang said O2O is a marathon race, is currently running to the midfield, and that Baidu Nuomi has won the end point technology, efficiency and capital, have confidence in the future continue to win victory in the battle of O2O.

Ceng Liang also announced Baidu Nuomi’s current data situation. Market accounted for more than 25%, in the daily life service class Query has hundreds of millions of search requests, more than 10 million active users, also has a registered user of 200 million, covering the city of more than and 200, 000 businesses.

, general manager of Baidu Nuomi also said that the development of O2O is mainly facing three challenges, that is, C end user stickiness, B side of the business as well as the platform’s own resources. In these three areas, Baidu Nuomi has confidence and support.

Ceng Liang said that the O2O marathon, Baidu Nuomi will not be able to return to ()

is a vice president of Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, general manager Ceng Liang O2O marathon run to the midfield, win in the future, all internal letter:

Baidu Nuomi brothers and sisters,

in recent days on the market a variety of noise, disturbing the audience. We fought for more than a year, the rapid development of obvious to people Baidu Nuomi, from 3.7 last year to 5.17 girls section, section 7.18 chowhound summer to promote a series of festival marketing, to create this technology, O2O technology used for the B business empowerment, each big battle, let us yuezhanyueyong.

in market share, from about 10% in January last year has risen to more than 25%, to become rivals merge, leveraging the industry pattern of "leverage", has become the China online life service platform is a powerful force. In the life service class Query, we have hundreds of millions of search requests every day, Baidu Nuomi DAU also tens of millions. Currently, Baidu Nuomi has 200 million registered users, covering more than more than and 500 cities, more than more than and 200 businesses.

said that O2O in the second half, the giants will be the closing stages of the dragon and in the wild, the blood Xuan huang". However, we believe that O2O is a marathon, and I have participated in the Shanghai marathon, we are very clear that to reach the end of the victory can not be achieved overnight. China O2O is still in the stage half marathon, the perfect index of real world needs a long process, not a short duration of time. In the O2O marathon to switch the track, to reach the end of the game is to rely on Technology (ability), people (hard work) and money (Nai Li), which is what Baidu Nuomi owned. We know that the development of O2O from the initial era of barbaric growth buy, to now is AI and big data as the main driver >

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