By taking the new micro fried PSEN want to try to grab every month

[news] April 17th news billion state power, micro channel brand has a new play, billion state power network learned electronic digital equipment manufacturer PISEN electronics is brewing derivative activities "on grab", with a circle of friends of opinion leaders fried new strength.

Scraper phenomenon

derivative agent has been criticized outside the industry, how can the product successfully penetrate the circle of friends, while not being pulled black as many businesses in the brains of thinking problems. PISEN Electronics "on grab" is clearly intended to solve this problem by a "celebrity + free" mode of products quickly penetrate into the circle of friends.

it is reported that in April 18th, PISEN first month to grab activities will officially begin, PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng will personally released 1000 PISEN video cloud box in the WeChat circle of friends. In addition, PISEN will be invited from the media every month in the circle of friends gave its new V.

PISEN said, every month to grab activities from the idea of PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng an "experiment" in the circle of friends, in the end of March through the circle of friends donated 20 PISEN USB mosquito killer, a minute is 139 people looted, at the same time, the circle of friends forwarded hot, even to the mosquito sales growth.

It is reported that

, the system source of support behind PISEN this activity to praise micro mall "to give" function, the giver available to buy goods in the page and select "I want to give the city of choice, buy gifts, with the fight luck way to get gifts to generate links, and then released in the circle of friends, grab the user only needs to fill in their contact information and address information, you can receive the related products.

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