Baidu direct number VS WeChat from the business to find a breakthrough VS Millennium unchanged user

in this year’s World Congress on Baidu, Baidu launched a variety of mobile products, and make the idea of systematic development of the mobile Internet, and vigorously promote the Baidu direct mode of business mobile terminal services will obviously get Baidu, but whether businesses direct number or CRM system, the message push, any a multi model seems to be to challenge WeChat: direct merchant VS WeChat VS WeChat news public accounts, public platform, CRM system to push the VS WeChat group.

Baidu direct number service model is to find a breakthrough point from the merchant, and has been in the protection of the user experience Tencent is never fall due to the accumulation of social users.

Two different

service mode, what merits? Or

, each one has its own merits?

Baidu direct number VS WeChat public account


direct merchant number, is the business of the mobile platform Baidu official service account based on a combination of Baidu mobile search, @ account, map, personalized recommendation etc. recommended business service platform to customers. Robin Li gave a specific example. You don’t want to travel with friends where to eat, you choose a Baidu search, then has Baidu direct number of businesses can be based on Baidu map, and take the approach of personalized recommendation, recommend dining information, or if you want to go directly to sea fishing (XX the dinner), direct search enter @ sea fishing in Baidu, Baidu has no direct sea fishing will push you to the reservations, meal service, the rest as long as you go to the store dining.

is always beautiful. For Baidu direct number service of the whole process is almost flawless, but the performance of the user may to Baidu search restaurant how high? Baidu search the lack of user habits. So to do marketing? Similar to various businesses, joint group purchase in advance to create a discount model, so as to attract users, create user search habits? It looks like Baidu will jointly staged a joint rice merchants settled support ".

and Baidu direct number is different, WeChat public accounts assume the role of an official website like base, is more of an accumulation of brand effect, to reach the trading volume, or need to do promotion.

CRM system VS WeChat public platform

Baidu direct CRM system launched, is a user management function, similar to the WeChat public platform to observe the user interaction with the user, is convenient to view customer information, data analysis, and then make accurate as marketing to users through personalized push.


public platform play a role more is to interact with the user, to understand the needs of users, the data analysis, the CRM system than the inferior, but the interaction is also CRM system can not be compared.

message push VS WeChat group


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