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look at the music as a variety of routines in the United states.


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October 19, 2016, as the U.S. press conference. Wearing a T-shirt, jeans, Jia Yueting, in a luxurious light show under the irradiation of smiling ran LETV built the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts in the United States in the long T.

"I was supposed to be sitting on the music as a super car driving LeSEE." He said.

before the press conference, music as the car will debut news has been pushed to the music as overwhelming. But wait until the press conference held the same day, nothing on the scene. Jia Yueting explained naturally,

There is a set of the

appeared at the venue in the music in the car, was in a car accident on the road container carrying; and the other one from the LeSEE Pro car supercar London emergency airlift flight was delayed because missed.

"I hate this plane." He said with deep hatred and resentment. It’s like the plane is in front of us.

along with such a highway accident, the plane delayed the general effect of the Hollywood blockbuster movies, Jia Yueting and his music in the Pacific Ocean from China, a separate North American official debut.

in the face of the empty stage, reporters at the scene full of doubts. But in the soft music, these doubts became much appreciated, into music created a "historic moment and double Yi Ruo in the international arena".

this is just the beginning. After the conference LETV, completely at home and play skilfully that a move to the United States is not sincere routines, bad performance and embarrassing circumstances — like the "up bottom line" actor.

routines 1: reversed media evaluation

for music as it is, in the most important moment may be in the scene mentioned above, all the luxury conference. It caused a lot of irony of the American reporter, but in the music as a result of the operation, these irony back home, all become a high praise".

music as saying that the U.S. media, Fortune magazine gives a high praise for the music, said Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla failed to do what the music as we can do today."


yes, there’s a similar statement in fortune magazine. However, this sentence is a complete look like this:

"LETV North America chief revenue officer Danny Bowman… Think, apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google and it has worked Samsung, these companies have failed to do what the music as."


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