Electricity supplier open platform movement the scale of the high demands of the big game

face the cost of search engines, site navigation, display advertising and other marketing channels, open platform to become a new choice for the electricity supplier companies

"to open the Taobao mall tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to Jingdong, then about to customers, Dangdang people." The evening of September 18th, the electronic commerce a traditional menswear enterprises from Xiamen responsible person sitting across from reporters, the breakdown of their trip to Beijing.

competing open in Taobao, Tencent, Jingdong and other large e-commerce platform, the traditional enterprise, smell yourself into e-commerce opportunities.

September 19th, Taobao announced in Beijing, the new strategy, the core is open – Taobao platform for the opening of 38 e-commerce companies. In February this year, Taobao announced the implementation of an open strategy, the object of which is an independent software developer (ISV).

taobao.com President Zhang Yong said, in the face of Taobao B2C business open, meaning that your enemy, the traditional B2C enterprises in the past is Taobao’s enemies, and through the open platform, will be able to integrate its business resources, and thus curb the competitors.

coveted open integration of e-commerce platform, not only Taobao. 2010, the implementation of the opening of the mall Jingdong strategy, not only the front desk suppliers to open the brand, but also under the support of the IT system warehousing, logistics open. Tencent, where customers, Dangdang will be according to their own advantage to launch electronic business open platform, intended to use user resources, and idle logistics resources, to provide e-commerce solutions for brands.

Taobao open logic

users only need to enter the Taobao mall through this unique, you can find all the products

"Taobao has an open gene." Zhang Yong said, for the Taobao mall, the first opening is set up in September last year on the occasion of the Taobao mall, an open object is offline brands; for Taobao, it is open for the first time in 2003 the establishment of the Taobao open, the object is small sellers line.

at the beginning of September this year, Zhang Yong Beijing called on the vertical B2C websites executives. During the night of September 10th, Alibaba Hangzhou network conference, banquet vertical B2C executives Ali executives again.

is frequently thrown Hydrangea results, September 19th, the vertical B2C e-commerce enterprise jishuashua sitting in Taobao mall press conference. Of which 38 and Taobao mall cooperation including one store, intime network, Cuba, Mcglaughlin, Yi, Lok, Newegg, good music to buy, the red child, serves network, vip.com and other companies, including the forward deployment of every guest, BELLE and other companies. Zhang Yong said in an interview with this reporter, there are some manufacturers are about to enter.

in these companies, the scale of the industry’s top 10 vertical B2C businesses accounted for 6. Jingdong, Dangdang did not enter the list of Taobao cooperation, they have other plans. < >

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