The explosion of the new network management loopholes in the management of hundreds of thousands of

Admin5 station network news, December 22nd domestic security information platform cloud platform vulnerability report revealed that the well-known domain name service provider a new domain name management background permissions omissions caused by domain name password management mass leak. Conservative estimate of leakage of more than 300 thousand. Dark clouds – vulnerability reporting platform that the vulnerability was first discovered in February 2010, after the active contact with the various regions of the agency, no response. Contact again and found that the email address has been added to the blacklist. In recent years, the vulnerability has not yet repaired, the security of user information all gone. Hope that the person in charge of the new network and timely contact with the cloud or the report to confirm and repair, to ensure the safety of user information. Vulnerability details page:

new network is the domain name password related information leaked

database has recently been leaked to the major sites  

has recently been on the Internet to provide users to download CSDN website database, CSDN confirmed that 6 million user information was leaked. The attack site is not a CSDN, play the game 8 million users, 20 million users, website 7K7K game 10 million user data has been compromised, more people publish data packets including screenshots,,, play, website part of the user database is also posted online for download. Website user information security has become a hot spot in recent years, Internet users and industry insiders. Domestic well-known hacker Goodwell said, is expected to disclose the behavior of the site database may cause a chain effect, more data will be released by hackers. Before this kind of database through the underground network transactions, these hackers can gain. However, due to the user’s user name and password is almost the same in many sites, hackers will be released after a website database, other hackers in the hands of the database will be of no value. Some hackers for a variety of purposes, will release the database of other sites, which led to a chain effect.

webmaster network editor here to remind, due to the recent continuous presence of various types of Web site database is compromised, user information security has been a serious threat. I hope the majority of the webmaster and Internet users in time to change the password of the commonly used network account, and to strengthen the sense of security awareness, the registration of a new website account do not use a simple password. At the same time also suggested that the relevant website can improve the protection of user information and security, timely repair vulnerabilities to strengthen information protection, nip in the bud. (text / Yang Yang)

                play all the website user data leakage or trigger a chain reaction of


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