Xie Wen Tencent acquisition Comsenz has little effect on the webmaster

yesterday afternoon, comsenz.com and discuz.net belong to Comsenz domain, has all the transfer of Tencent, the two sides did not respond publicly. For this, the Internet experts said Xie Wen Comsenz has little effect on the acquisition of Tencent owners.

Xie Wen believes that the acquisition of Tencent has little effect on the A big tree strikes roots deeply., Comsenz station. "For the Tencent, this acquisition is more likely to be instinctive, routine operation of the capital, tactical action, have much impact on the pattern of the Internet will not, unless the construction level change, innovation, such as the launch of Web2.0 platform, open platform, and this to be practical, conservative Tencent, is unlikely."

Xie Wen said that the acquisition of Tencent has not influence on the Tencent Comsenz, soso or pat on the particular market, it will form a comprehensive effect on Tencent. Comsenz "these years of development, follow the trend of the development of the Internet, in Web2.0, SNS are involved, but no remarkable achievements. Comsenz rival PHPwind Group acquired by Alibaba, Xie Wen said the current situation is just a tactical behavior, simple structure and no change in the enclosure, PHPwind."

when it comes to make a decision to sell Kang Sheng Tencent, Xie Wen think this is the best choice among the worst. "Is the best way to self development, adhere to the plan is to sell the second choice is. Sold to the Tencent, is the best choice among the worst." Xie Wen said, this is a continuation of Comsenz aspirations of young people, to solve the capital problem, can seriously do market competition in the future. "It is a pity that the results will not belong to Kang Sheng himself."

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