Zhongguancun electronics stores closed shop rental Transformation four years has shrunk to about 90%


world e layer has been empty, and some of the counter before the billboards removed. Jiao Likun / photo

original title: when Zhongguancun is no longer a large store: fake fake black shopping guide

traditional electronic stores in Zhongguancun are undergoing transformation, leaving us a day gradually illusion face. From 2011, the Pacific Computer City closed, wandering between the dragon and the tophere are stores and office building, Zhongguancun e world is officially started the transition.

who is the representative of Zhongguancun "name card" – here is the Chinese largest consumer electronics distribution center, from the complex top server to the mobile phone shell is simple, from the latest Apple mobile phone, to the old 3.5 inch floppy disk, as long as you say, Zhongguancun to sell games get.

Flourishing store mode of traditional

away, while those from all corners of the country carries the dream of grassroots entrepreneurs, they should decide on what path to follow in the ups and downs of electronic stores in Zhongguancun.

e world transformation

mall floor has been empty

Zhongguancun street

weekend still heavy traffic, this time the Zhongguancun electronics stores the most busy, but to enter the e world mall, Beijing morning news reporters on the scene, the whole layer has been empty, not a merchant, billboards and did not come to the counter and removed.

underground layer and the 234 layer of the shop is still open, but very few people, and more is one of their own". On the ground floor, the first city of Zhongguancun mobile slogan is still high, and more than 3/4 of the empty counter, it is difficult to imagine the original crowd. Reporters here met Mr. Huang, his tablet computer screen broken, to find familiar shops, but found himself one of the few guests.

"here has been empty for a year, the business is not good, coupled with the mall is to mobilize everyone to withdraw stalls, people have gone." One merchant said.

is said to be about two square meters of the lattice, the monthly rent has dropped to $800, a little more expensive on the three or four floor, in early one thousand. And in four years ago, the same position to at least double. From Shaanxi Liu An (a pseudonym) currently rented premises at a monthly rent of 3000 yuan in 2010 to more than 20 thousand, when he arrived, but fear not grab.

last week, e posted a notice that due to the e world unified business owners signed work has officially started, the market decided to stop its own investment and rental shops. Notice that the February 10th Spring Festival holiday, the opening time to be determined. E world business related responsible person said, e world did not close, but in transition. But after the transformation of the e world is to continue to operate electronic stores, or turn to Zhongguancun science and technology financial center, there is no answer.

opened in 2006 as a landmark in the world of E, in Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun

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