Multinational Kuangpian MLM website business turnover of more than 400 million domestic and hundreds

editor’s note: justice has long arms, stationmaster net friendship remind you webmaster friends, make money online don’t violate the law. Honestly do stand, a sense of life, happy to make money, don’t make a scenery, a lifetime of regret.

              through a company called SkyQuestCom "foreign websites, criminals in the territory of Chinese take the MLM business way to sell the right to use the site, weaving a huge network of illegal pyramid selling network, the development of dozens of million members, business turnover of more than 400 million yuan.

days ago, Jiangxi province Luxi County People’s court ruling on "SkyQuestCom" illegal pyramid schemes, the relevant people involved were sentenced. So far, the country’s rare foreign network in China illegal pyramid schemes surfaced.

is a foreign website pull rare pyramid selling case

July 2007, Jiangxi, Pingxiang City Administration for Industry and Commerce found a set of learning sites in foreign countries – "new wisdom network" (the full name of "new wisdom training network") business model is a pyramid scheme. In August 2007, the Pingxiang Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force investigation found that the MLM organizations were illegal in the territory through SkyQuestCom outside the staff involved is very wide, in addition to Jiangxi, Beijing, Shanghai, added in Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Fujian and other places have staff members up to hundreds of thousands of.

according to the Pingxiang provincial public security department and the Department of industry and Commerce survey, the new wisdom network is Singapore Xin Chi International Company established in 1999 in Jiangxi. "New wisdom network" in the territory of China to adopt pyramid schemes to promote the use of the right to use the site.

, the court found that the "SkyQuestCom" taken in the Chinese domestic mode of operation is a development of the line of the provision on the number of return (i.e. "pull the head") and to the development of offline sales performance as the basis accrued reward (i.e. team paid) behavior, belong to marketing behavior.

woven giant network spread around

court found that in 2003, Wang Jingbo was talking about adding "SkyQuestCom Heming recommended", and become the talk Heming downline. Since then, Wang Jingbo and the use of the establishment of excellence in the success of the site of the new wisdom network publicity, introduction, and actively develop the new wisdom network offline members. Wang Jingbo development downline members of more than 8 people, to participate in illegal business amounted to more than 100 million yuan, illegal profit of $4 million 340 thousand. In the same way, Fu Lijun development downline members more than 80 thousand people involved in illegal business in the amount of more than $100 million, illegal profit of 3 million yuan.

court found that from 2002 to August 2007, "SkyQuestCom" hundreds of thousands of members in the Chinese territory, business amounted to 412 million yuan. The police investigation showed that "SkyQuestCom" from the illegal absorb funds, except for some awards, most of them through the underground.

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