Google sister rushed to a human response to modify the page ranking

Google told the financial times (here with a "word" seems to be more in line with the national conditions?) will modify a human page ranking is definitely a blockbuster, a sister of Marissa Mayer Google today to respond, but don’t know how she did not put the article to Google blog update, Google (public policy blog has posted a full text), I summarize the Mui’s remarks, but she is mainly in Tai chi.

Mui to cite a sharp example, she said that we take the word "Jaguar" to the thing, the word you think of what? Animal Jaguar, car or Jaguar Jaguar team? Well, in fact, yesterday I wrote Google human thought of the modified ranking they will give this example for example, Apple search out all Apple computer instead of fruit? How to define the best search results


search engine is the use of algorithms and formulas to sort and organize online content, these algorithms reflect the minds of their producers the best results of the idea. "Search neutrality" will hinder innovation, competition and your ability to improve information as a user.

when Google was founded in 1998 its basic innovation is the PageRank algorithm, which can help users decide what information is best. Sometimes the search looks very simple, enter the "World Cup" will give you find millions of content, from the latest news to the players picture everything. Then there are Google from the beginning of 2007 to improve the search results, maps, books, and even video are placed on the search results page, Google’s goal is to provide users with the best and most efficient answer. Mei Mei also said that Google has been a human flesh mechanism, including manually labeled infected web pages to prevent people from accessing, remove spam and child pornography.

but the most critical is that each search engine has its own set of algorithms, such as Google will improve the search results by user voting, so that the algorithm is closer to their personal preferences. But the support of "search neutrality" people who want the system will be sent to the gallows, they hope that the government will come forward to do a completely neutral and fair search engine. But how to define the neutral and difficult, and there is always a new media to join in, come out today, twitter tomorrow, and then out of an audio stream, in the end you want to put them into the search results too?

Mui did not respond positively to what is considered human to strong media lower ranking (or perhaps a lower PageRank level), if their website not toxic, no plagiarism, nor malicious SEO, just because of their strong will appear too much in Google search results, so this is the problem of Google algorithm. Google has also been stressed that it is necessary to improve the algorithm to improve the search results, rather than Pro

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