O2O market into the transition period to buy the primary transformation difficult

news September 11th has been compared to the O2O group purchase market of the "tip of the iceberg", but only as a sub group purchase O2O market set, and combined with the O2O model can not interpret the traditional industries and the Internet industry.

in order to avoid the initial purchase of the short board, many of the platform to do the transformation of the mode of life service mall, while the entity involved in the handle network is clearly not comparable with Juhuasuan, Jingdong, etc.. At present, the group purchase survivors, beauty group, comment, thousands of network products, such as Wo Wo Group development is good. The regiment held a single group purchase mode, still to fast track comment on low price marketing; public comment a large number of businesses on the platform of LBS sale group purchase coupons; and thousands of network products to local service mall quickly accepted by users, the number of goods online and in many lines long, let thousands of network products quickly occupied the market group purchase.

and O2O platform in the development process, but also faces a series of problems. Not only is the primary group purchase to transformation of postgraduate, but also create the bright younger generation O2O mall dilemma.

1, business service control, O2O platform has the experience to provide protection must be responsible for the user line service, O2O is a process to buy online and offline consumption, now the level of traditional industries is not homogeneous based on the next line of business will directly affect the

2, O2O platform services for offline use experience to ensure the work can not be outsourced, O2O platform services for offline use experience to ensure the work can not be the real value of outsourcing service platform includes two aspects, the routine of online offline service migration, on line service experience for


3, O2O platform differentiation and personalization, O2O platform in the face of different market segments need to provide differentiated functional modules to meet the actual use of the market to protect the experience. O2O to be driven by the offline service market after a long period of development, as well as to achieve extreme level of subdivision. While businesses have to face is the services market segments so different, due to the use of various process services market segments of consumer services have obvious difference, so for different functional modules are independent of the market needs the development and operation of

4, talent shortage. Understand the Internet and understand the management of less. Sales management personnel know less.

5, O2O faced with the development of the Internet and traditional industries. That is not too much Internet can not develop in accordance with the traditional model

6, user groups to be developed, although the popularity of the Internet to Internet applications and payment is not universal. Users in the site consumption should not be guaranteed and lack of protection of the laws and regulations.

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