Xiushui online mall encounter dystocia still in the development stage

daily news (reporter Chen Jing) "China first foreign market" Xiushui Street invested 200 million yuan to build the silk online mall did not like about the on-line in September. The reporter learned yesterday, as of now, Xiushui online mall still in the development stage, the specific on-line time has not yet finalized.

in the first Beijing intersection, Xiushui Street announced that it would build a shop. According to the cooperation agreement, Chinese network library will be responsible for building and maintenance technology platform for online mall xiushui. Xiushui Street Agel Ecommerce Ltd is responsible for investment, service and coordination management. In addition, the investment of 200 million yuan in Xiushui Street, in addition to the construction and operation of the online mall for $100 million, another $100 million will be the first payment fund.

Xiushui Street shop was seen as the industry trend. Since last year, affected by the macroeconomic situation, the retail industry downturn. At the same time, some parts of Europe’s economic situation is not optimistic, which is mainly dependent on foreign tourists consumption in Xiushui Street is a blow. At this time to build online mall, is a manifestation of the expansion of sales channels.

Xiushui Street into the online course may not be expected smooth. Reporters learned yesterday from the Xiushui Street, because the online shopping function module adjustment, personnel changes and other reasons, Xiushui online mall failed in September unveiled on schedule. Xiushui Street, Beijing, Yang Fangkun, deputy general manager of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, said, the electricity supplier is a late night on the company’s strategic plan, we are working to promote a series of strategies to adjust and improve".

it is worth noting that, despite the development of Xiushui e-commerce platform has been for several months, but the Beijing Xiushui online mall general manager positions are still vacant. Experts in the industry view, the lack of general manager will have an impact on the direction of the development of enterprises. In this regard, Yang Fangkun said, Xiushui Street e-commerce will continue to throw an olive branch to the elite, heavily attract talented people to join.

in fact, the rapid development of the domestic online shopping market has become the development trend in the future, traditional enterprises have net Market share. However, despite the electricity supplier development like a raging fire, but the traditional retail enterprises on the net has obvious gap with mature electricity supplier. Earlier, Malaysia’s largest retailer Parkson Parkson commercial website network, in a few months after the operation is a mere formality.

Beijing Commercial Economic Association Secretary General Lai Yang said, traditional enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce, not only consider doing a website, but you need to plan the entire internal process, customer oriented service system, establish a new connection mode and business integration with suppliers. Build a perfect system is very difficult, time cycle is relatively long.

depends on Lai Yang, e-commerce platform is different from ordinary sites, but a complete system, the development will face many technical problems. Enterprises need to be comprehensive, systematic planning can begin to do the preparation of the program, otherwise the effect can not be done, it is very difficult to adjust.


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