How to transform the dissatisfied people into fans

products can quickly occupy the market, a large part of the reason why the product can meet the consumption habits. There is a part of the reason is the product operators for the product audience fully understand.

users of a product can be divided into these categories: fans, shouting and ordinary people, where the average person can be described as the silent majority".

fans and fans are an important source of product progress, of course, is a more conventional and easy source. Most people refer to the majority of users,

this part of the user may be satisfied with your product, whether or not satisfied, will not express. If satisfied, they will come again next time; if not satisfied, they will quietly leave.


how to make the satisfaction of the general people have a surprise, so that dissatisfied with the general people to reduce, which is often the key to the success of the product. Micro three cloud distribution system is easier to transform into a general fan.

combined with a variety of marketing tools, such as micro live broadcast, pay questions and answers, WeChat dolls, etc., so that fans can not escape the palm of your hand.

micro three cloud fully integrated share economy core content, the use of reasonable resources to achieve sharing.


main marketing content spread a variety of business users with closer distance, to achieve precision marketing target users, allowing enterprises to obtain low-cost organizations, a variety of distribution pattern of free combination, the implementation of seamless business model innovation.

three micro cloud distribution system using the system advantages to the formation of word of mouth, in the operation process of the product, word of mouth is very difficult, the situation of the spread of word-of-mouth effect is more obvious than the general effective form of advertising communication, will let people have a large degree of reduction.

when we use the product, the general and the people around them to discuss communication, but also to trust people around the recommendation. This is also the most effective way to reduce dissatisfaction with the average person.


even the mobile phone industry overlord Apple master Joe on the user experience put forward 6 principles:

1 must not waste user time;

2 must not take it for granted, do not disturb and force users;

3 must not put forward "how these users will be so" doubt, do not overestimate the user’s IQ;

4 must not think that to provide users with the more things the better, on the contrary, the more it is no more important, sometimes need to do subtraction;

5 must understand what your product is facing the user group;

6 be sure to try to get in touch with your users

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