How to deal with the arrival of the era of network sales brand store

in 2010, the sales network has a very obvious phenomenon, that is the self brand mall, in which declared the network sales face officially coming store brand era, in fact this is a process of exploration, in the year after the first round of reshuffle, can not adapt to the new channel brand eliminated. But still not because the predecessors of destruction and stopped, net sales stores will only become more and more prosperous, and feudal lords vying for the throne a cup of soup network, channel.

In fact,

network marketing rules and the traditional business forms it is the same, when we contact is the first department store all the goods Goods are available in all varieties., but with the development of society, the different formats of start peeling, so there is a fashion city, home appliances, small commodity city, as consumers of the quality further, the emergence of different brand stores, which allow consumers shopping is not just to buy a commodity, is to buy a culture. Different preferences of consumers become fans of different brands. So the task of the brand store is not only to meet the trend, but to open up a new consumer philosophy and consumer culture, manufacturers want to do is to put every piece of goods labeled on the spirit.

network marketing is bound to go through such a process, from Taobao’s general store, gradually to rise in recent years, new appliances such as digital professional Jingdong online shopping platform, online shopping platform as well as men and women dress hot, such as where the customer, network, etc. this dream bazaar, declared the coming of age of the breakdown of online shopping. Today, all major brands of self built mall, such as ERQ, baoniao. This is a declaration of the world: the arrival of the era of e-commerce brand stores. Yes, in a group of people surrounded by a dream of innovation, the emergence of new sales model, then the network shopping will meet the store brand era.

sales network is engaged in product sales or engage in IT?? this is a very confusing problem, the author interviewed has its own factory ERQ jeans brand sales director Mr. Li Donglin, Mr. Li said: VANCL was IT, he only used clothing as a marketing medium, ERQ is the brand and he just chose the network as a channel. This view reflects the difference between the company and the company Internet marketer owned plant, using the traditional management method, Internet marketer is a brand of studio, is equivalent to the traditional management office team, he doesn’t care what he is selling things, the focus is on the promotion of. The company has its own factories and thousands of employees, the network for them, is a new sales channel.

At present,

net sales coexist, three in 1, the store and network stores the coexistence of 2, OEM net sales (only do online brand promotion, but the product is manufactured in OEM 3), brand stores (only do network marketing, do not store, has its own factory). The three kind of pattern, who can go further, yet. But there have been some worrying phenomenon: that is, the entity shop and the network of the same brand, operating in the case

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