Adsense network news Zhejiang 10 P2P net loan platform was investigated by the police online shoppin

1 Zhejiang P2P net loan platform by the police investigation: fictional loan project

recently, the Zhejiang province Quzhou PO INVESTMENT LIMITED net loan platform operation more than 3 years of Zhejiang police investigation was again pushed into the net loan P2P in the teeth of the storm.

P2P net loan, is considered to be an innovative model of Internet banking, referring to individuals and individuals through third party network platform mutual borrowing. The police said the latest news, Zhejiang has 10 platforms for alleged illegal fund-raising crime investigation by public security organs using P2P net loan platform, Po investment is just one of them.

since last year, the balance of treasure around the net loan, P2P Internet Financial controversy on the 10 P2P can be heard without end, net loan platform into the Zhejiang, further led people to consider the Internet financial.

2 QQ online shopping graft pat micro shop: support for multi platform development first pay margin of 20 thousand  

April 21st news today, Jingdong POP platform combined with QQ announcement, announced the gradual fusion during the Tencent and the Jingdong business platform, QQ online shopping will maintain the normal operation, and expressed support for the QQ online shopping sellers in online shopping, pat, multi platform Jingdong.

According to the announcement of the

, Jingdong open platform in 2014, hoping to quickly attract QQ online shopping merchants settled, a large number of tariff concessions for the settled online shopping businesses. And pat micro shop also began to absorb a large number of QQ online shopping businesses. Jingdong and Tencent channel integration between the electricity supplier, began to fully integrate business resources and channel resources.

3 IPO lie: 49% mobile data terminal blowing virtual   beautiful competitiveness;

April 12th, established only four years beauty electricity supplier prospectus was submitted to the U.S. Securities and exchange commission. Over the past few years, a number of Chinese companies have successfully listed in the United states. There is also a Jingdong, micro-blog, tuniu have submitted the prospectus within a year. Among them, micro-blog has successfully landed nasdaq.

2014, the first year of the United States called China Internet Corporation. The China Internet upstart in high and vigorous spirits, is waiting in line to get together the NYSE or NASDAQ bell ringing at the moment.

U.S. institutional investors, Chinese stocks tend to hate. Love is, the rapid development of Chinese companies, there is always a steady stream of stories and imagination. For example, China’s Facebook, China’s Google, China’s amazon. Hate is that Chinese stocks are fraud camps, scandals abound.

4.3 digital rising domain name: 275/849/  

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