Annual inventory of 2016 science and technology circles are concerned about what

2016 is about to come to an end, looking back on this year, we have witnessed countless possibilities and impossible. In this year, the international politics of world economic development is slow, raging like a storm, many will happen in the future had great influence on the world’s Black Swan event.


back at home, we have gone through difficult and bleak year, in this year, the entire Internet industry is experiencing winter capital, there are a lot of entrepreneurs born every day, there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects of death. In this year, said the Internet bigwigs continue to come to the second half, but the second half of the entrepreneurs and what it means? People said there won’t be a unicorn, while also looking forward to the AI, the VR can give the market to bring new opportunities to.

We will be more willing to

2016 as a turning point, in this year, commercial return to nature, capital also began to care about the profit, countless can become a new driving force of the underlying technologies are also in the slow power savings in the future. At this time, it is important to look back on the past, because only by knowing what has happened can better predict what is going to happen.

therefore, geeks Park summed up ten 2016 trends of science and technology and the Internet circle ten events for you, hope to inspire you.

ten trends

Knowledge of

(content:2016, pay cash) from a known, and get the body, we see another possible realization of knowledge pay and content, this year, people no longer think behoove Internet which is free of charge, the content of which is free of charge, this year, people have finally realized knowledge and the valuable experience and insights.


consumption upgrade: relative surplus in the physical age, young people for the pursuit of quality has created a new wave of consumer brands and retail form, around the people in all aspects of basic necessities of life, there are new opportunities to be found. Grass root economy and the pursuit of cost-effective era has become the past. Can only sigh, consumers are increasingly afraid to spend money, and I am getting poorer.


live: 2016 national broadcast platform is comprehensive rise a year, in this year, public information display broadcast platform has exceeded more than 200, but with the giants of the harvest and tightening policy, the future will gradually get rid of the live field of barbaric growth cycle, leaving only a few platforms laid the status.


red Economy: this year, we have witnessed the explosion and fire Papi sauce, also witnessed the broadcast network red cashability, personal power was again highlighted, but for the "red", "how to avoid the fire died".

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