2008 grassroots webmaster forum first LOGO contest grassroots cup officially started

July 2007, grassroots webmaster forum was born, we are in line with the ultimate goal of grassroots service for the hard work, has been

strong support of the majority of grassroots webmaster. In order to be able to participate in the Olympic Games, the Chinese people unite, we decided to hold the LOGO game.

May 5, 2008, grassroots webmaster forum and Adsense network jointly announced the first LOGO contest grassroots cup officially began!

contest organizers: Grassroots webmaster forum and Adsense network jointly organized

of the contest sponsor: Internet era, pickles Museum super network television, nuclear data guard shield, anti trojan virus expert

Associated Media: grassroots network, shop China, China design, WEB development, I mainly show 80, stationmaster net, easy to play games network technology, tribe, Union Pacific

rules of entry:

1.LOGO design requirements are original works, but also contains elements of the Olympic games.

2, LOGO design is creative, symbolic, easy to spread, and the content of health.

3, submitted works need some text to illustrate the LOGO.

The original

4 authors need to retain high accuracy.Tif.Ai or.Psd format, in order to provide for the party after being elected.

5, outstanding entries will be displayed in the special page to the majority of users.

6, contestants can submit a number of works, but only one piece can be awarded.

7, at the time of submission, enjoy the copyright of contributors must ensure that the design proposal provided by the winners; once adopted, copyright by all; at the same time have the right to own grassroots webmaster forum think the right way to use and modify the works of

8, when submitting the work, remember to contact QQ or e-mail.

9 reserves the right of final interpretation of each item of this solicitation.

game official website: http://s.236z.com/ad/2008logo/

game address: http://s.236z.com/forum-36567-1.html

activity time: 2008.5.7-6.7

works selection time: 6.8-6.15

announced the winning time: 6.16

prize payment time: 6.16

will be in the grassroots webmaster forum and webmaster network, as well as major cooperation website home page, announced the winning entries and winners list

tournament rewards:

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